The Pathetic Downfall of Europe: How the EU Became America’s Castrated Lapdog

Guv Dhaliwal
2 min readJul 17, 2023

Remember when Europe was an economic powerhouse, bigger than the mighty US? Well those glory days are long gone! Now the EU is America’s pathetic servant, a neutered shadow of its former self.

-In 2008, the EU’s economy was 10% larger than that of the U.S.

-Now? The U.S. is 50% larger than the EU!

-Europe has been Japanified.

This emasculation is the price Europe pays for bending over and being Uncle Sam’s prison wife. The Yanks have sabotaged Europe at every turn to maintain their global domination.

Wall Street blew up the EU’s economy in 2008 with the Great Financial Crisis ponzi scheme, leaving Europe with shriveled GDP that never recovered. Silicon Valley ensures Europe remains a tech eunuch, never able to compete with US giants like Google, Facebook, Apple etc.

Europe’s Fortune 500 presence is limp and flaccid compared to its virile past. Oh, and America floods Europe with refugees from its bombing campaigns while forcing dependence on US energy exports. Such humiliation!

The castrators-in-chief are the traitorous EU bureaucrats who gleefully neuter their own population. And the clueless European sheeple just follow blindly to the slaughterhouse.

In conclusion, Europe’s downfall from alpha male superpower to submissive US lapdog is tragic. Without immediate intervention, Europe is doomed to be America’s prison playground forever. The future is bleak unless Europe rediscovers its manhood…



Guv Dhaliwal

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