Chasing mum

Guv Dhaliwal
1 min readOct 10, 2020


mother, wife and nani,
a lady never lazy,
you led us by example,
indeed you often made us crazy

a tower of kindness,
although small in size,
you always knew the answers,
always very wise

79 years over which you danced,
you leave a legacy,
not soon enhanced

your love and kindness they deserve a mention,
always quick to laugh,
to help resolve ones tension

you loved your son,
you loved my sisters,
walking to the temple,
for sure we have the blisters

your life was often hard,
travelling far and wide,
you made it look so easy,
you fill your son with pride

pls do come and see me,
i will always have the time,
love you forever,
beautiful mother of mine

it broke our hearts to lose you,
but you didnt go alone,
all of me went with you,
the day god called you home

painful though it is,
whether wake or sutha,
i will never ever leave you,
always your dubba kutha

‘We love you mum’



Guv Dhaliwal

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